Alex wins first place overall

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2017 NYC Marathon - 2:50:05

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2019 Boston Marathon -

A new personal record  2:48:03!!

Alex with his coaches, Boyd Carrington and Sal Nastasi


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"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible,

then they seem improbable,

and then, when we summon the will,

they soon become inevitable"

~ Christopher Reeve

Identical twin brothers

They are both severely autistic.

Neither can communicate verbally.

They cannot cross the street alone,

or be alone at any time. 

They have very challenging, and at times,

self injurious behaviors.

They need 24/7 supervision.



And have run in 27 marathons and

over 400 races collectively

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ABC News Covered Their Story at the NYC Marathon

 The Schneider Twins

              Alex and Jamie

This is their story

2018 Boston Marathon

True perseverance

2016 Suffolk County Marathon -2nd Overall